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A Relational Dance

Post added February 5, 2012

The Alexander Teacher is not a mechanic. The role of the Teacher is not to fix this or that symptom or problem. It may appear like that to the casual observer. And indeed, in our increasingly regulatory environment, it may be easier to define ourselves as problem solvers and palliative carers. The truth is more […]

Hands from Mind

Post added February 3, 2012

It may look like the Alexander Teacher uses his or her hands to convey information. This is really only half of the story. The hands do of course make contact with the pupil. But the communication is essentially a product of the teacher’s nervous system or state of mind. The actual manual skill is a […]


Post added January 23, 2012

We are not attempting to usurp nature. We don’t teach people how to move or breathe. We have faith in the innate capacity of the individual. All an Alexander Teacher can do is to help liberate what already exists, albeit in an interfered way. In other words, Nature does us, and not the other way […]

Inhibition and Non-doing

Post added January 13, 2012

The idea of non-doing has frequently been misused in the Alexander world to advise a certain kind of passivity. We are encouraged “not to do anything”, not to make plans, not to have ambitions and aspirations, to wait for manna to come down from the heavens. THe non-doing that Alexander was describing is closer to […]

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