Prevention Better than Cure

Post added October 28, 2013

The Alexander Technique is increasingly used to prevent the onset of RSI conditions. Sitting in front of a computer all day is a demanding activity for anyone. Working with postural tensions can lead to discomfort and even injury. Learning to maintain a balanced and relaxed posture during work, can help reduce the dangers of developing […]

It’s not where the Pain is!

Post added October 28, 2013

The site of your pain is not necessarily the site of your problem. It may simply be your weak link. Getting rid of this symptom may be very tempting and may even offer a short term benefit. The Alexander Technique sees you as a whole person with patterns of reaction that may predispose you to pain […]

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” I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for chronic back or neck pain sufferers, or simply for people who want to learn how to feel more mentally relaxed and at ease in their bodies. ”


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