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The Neural Reset Button

Post added January 27, 2015

I was fascinated to read today in the “Times” a fascinating article by Professor Levitin, entitled: The Organised Mind: How to better structure our mind in the age of social media and constant distraction. Levitin seems to have stumbled onto the same problematics that Alexander was exploring about 100 years ago! And of course that […]

Alexander Technique and Walking

Post added November 4, 2013

I don’t believe that an Alexander Teacher should be engaged in teaching a pupil anything about the mechanics of walking. In fact, this can only be a hinderance. Alexander Teachers should not be teaching correct anything. And that goes for walking, sitting, standing, breathing swimming, or anything at all. The Technique should really be engaged […]

No middle ground

Post added November 4, 2013

The choices for health are actually pretty stark. We can continue to keep on aggravating a condition of stress and distress. In this case, symptoms are likely to get worse. Or we can learn how to prevent this ongoing and habitual aggravation and irritation. This prevention may lead to recovery and healing. I do think […]

The Alexander Technique and Emotional Experience

Post added November 2, 2013

Postural habits often serve to filter out emotional experience. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for developing patterns of postural distortion. Reich, a disciple of Sigmund Freud, called this phenomenum ‘body armouring’. One way of understanding the Alexander method of change is as a strategy for removing this filter from our emotional perceptions.


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